Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 6, 2012

Last Week

We’ve had lots of last weeks. Last weeks of school that is. But this is the last last week and just like every other last week, there’s lots to do. Hans is the SYSOP for our school–Systems Operator–which means he’s the guy who keeps all the computers and SMART Boards and iPads going. Literally going. They all need to be shipped back to the district office, which means lots of paperwork and packing.

Some of the boxes of laptops and iPads ready for flying back to the district office.

The last week means graduation. There will be two high school graduates on Wednesday and on Thursday, nine Kindergarten students will have officially completed their first year of school.

Graduation 2012 decorations

Kindergarten Graduation Garb (ironed)

Kindergarten Graduation & Awards Night Program

Other last week tasks: finishing report cards, doing inventory, taking down and wrapping up each student’s artwork and sorting out books to give to families from Gov. Parnell’s wife to encourage summer reading.

Bundles of Artwork

Books for summer reading.

The last last week; the end of one way of life, the beginning of another.



  1. How bitter-sweet it must be for you…but remember it’s another new beginning too!! Hope to see you when you return! Safe travels! Pat Davis

  2. Thank You for the last glimps of AK. Happy you are leaving good things behind for your class to remember. Hurry, hurry home, i’m impatiently waiting. Be safe! Elsie

  3. Billy and I are so excited to have you two closer. We should ride the Trail of the Coeur d’alenes with Marla and Brad when you get back. Rain or shine 🙂

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