Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 26, 2012

Ice Goes and So Do We

How lucky were we to experience another break up on the Kobuk! Too bad our little Flip camera wasn’t working or we could have recorded the soft swishing sound of the ice shaving off as angular chunks rubbed against each other and morphed into circles, or the tinkling sound of the ice shards as they clinked together. Lucky for us that we lived in that wonderful spot with the windows to the river. We could pack and keep an eye on the river for movement or listen to the VHF for “Ice go!” and head outside to watch; joining others from town to witness the annual springtime event that never ceases to amaze and call folks together.

Break up begins with water on top of the ice.

Melting from the shore.

Big sheets of ice come down first.

About 2 ft thick.

Ice jams until there’s enough water to push it out.

Watching the ice go.

Big sheets split apart.

As the water rises, boats are continually moved and tied to higher ground.

No caches damaged this year.

Ice jam breaks, flows for a while and jams up again. Repeat for a few days.

Packing and boxing break. Best view in town!

Ice on ice.

Transportation transition from snowgo to boat complete.

We continued to sort and pack both at home and at school, said our emotional good-byes and “see you’s” and flew out on a cold and windy day. When we left this special place in 1986 we didn’t really think we’d ever return. But we did and we hope to again. Good-bye Shungnak, our Alaskan home. 



  1. Gee whiz what descriptive beautiful writing! SO loved meeting you and spending time with you. Hopefully you will be back up here a lot…and close by!

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