Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | June 28, 2015

North to Alaska

We were really enjoying our retirement, but an opportunity came up that we couldn’t refuse, so now, three months later we’re sorted, packed, shipped and on the road headed back to bush Alaska. We taught in Kobuk 30 years ago and that’s where we’ll be teaching this school year.


Hans C and friends 30 years ago (Hans C in the middle)


We’re on a first name basis with the local postal workers.


Luckily we kept our winter gear: parkas, snow pants, bunny boots, mukluks, fur hats, mittens, etc, and that filled many of the boxes (and they still fit).

In all the sorting and packing Hans found a polar bear which is placed strategically for photo ops on the dash of the camper van; a little mascot for the road trip to Anchorage.


Good-bye Sequim…


Hello Canada!


Milepost 0 of the Alaska Highway. Built in 1942 in response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Finished in just nine months.


Camped on the shore of Muncho Lake. Beautiful blue colors.


The “Mrs. B” license plate finds its final resting place in the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake.


On the way back to the van, Hans found his hometown, Dyersville, Iowa.


Just a sample of the beautiful scenery; mostly without other vehicles.

Hello Alaska!

Hello Alaska!

Our welcoming committee--one of many.

Our welcoming committee–one of many.

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(Cue music)



  1. Yippee, the blog is back in action! Love the sign post forest. It looks like a great home for the Mrs B plate, and it was good to see that Dyersville is represented, as well. Looking forward to your future adventures.

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