Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | September 27, 2015

One Fall Day

The most common comment last week was how “normal” our housing looked. While that’s true, here’s a look outside those four walls.

mooseSunday morning greeted us with the news that one of the teachers had gotten a moose, was back to warm up, get something to eat, and was headed back to dress it out. 

IMG_1934A moose is a big project and everyone pitches in. We rode our bikes out to the site (a nice, level spot right next to the road, by the river–couldn’t have been a better place).

20150920_130011On the way, we saw lots of wolf sign just a few miles from town. The photos are from three different locations. 

20150920_131420Scale: tracks from 4.7 inch tires


20150920_132416After four hours, six of us had the moose skinned, quartered and loaded in two trailers and three four-wheelers. Maxed out the weight capacity for sure. Lucky for us, we didn’t need to carry any back on our bikes. Our panniers wouldn’t have been much help.

IMG_1955Luckily the hunt was successful. Fall officially began on Wednesday, but it came to an abrupt end for us on Thursday night. Looks like this snow will be around for quite a while–our view for the next eight months.



  1. I’m enjoying your posts.

    What’s the best way to cook the moose? Do you hunt too or just help with (would you call that part the harvest of it?) How many pounds of meat did you get from one moose? Do they use the hide?

    After 9 days of sitting here thinking about it, I’m pretty certain I want the surgical fix for my shoulder. I have been consulting Dr. Google a lot and it seems like the better option. Do you know what Jim Adams did? Was he hit or did something else get him on the ground? I’m looking at you with no cars, wondering if I will ever be able to ride with traffic again. Definitely my worse nightmare came true.

    Kiehl had a week off after his internship ended and school began. He came home instead of Kona which had been the plan. His dog Crystal had a tumor removed from behind her neck. Luckily no come needed, just a t shirt. Kiehl took this pic before he left yesterday.

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    • I have never had the pleasure of moose meat. How does it taste? Always enjoy reading the latest from my northern friends. Chase and I met up in Ireland and travelled for ten days just got back. SO wonderful. She is home(well sort of) heading to Michigan State for three weeks where the Hyena Project is located they probably have moose there come to think about it. Quinn massaging away in Ventura and Riley in school and bowling and doing well. Conn is getting orders everyday for his hooch so we are no longer moonshiners but ‘distillers’ now. Thanks for giving us the window into your world. Loads of love, Virginia

  2. It’s a good thing that there were lots of hands helping with the moose. That’s a big job! The rapid change in the seasons is amazing. A couple of months ago it was hot and now you have snow! Last night turned a bit chilly here, but we are still enjoying beautiful, warm sunny days.

  3. Thinking of you up there all wintered in……we are getting ready for retreat….you will be missed…..we had beautiful weather all week and got all the outdoor area ready for the cold….IF it comes. We envy you the moose party….Mike will be working so won’t be using his new muzzle loader. Hope you are weathering through seasons.

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