Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | November 1, 2015

October — Where did you go?

On October 10 we took a bike ride up the road and explored a trail that goes to Shungnak. The ground was frozen but the tundra was still spongy in places.




Last week there was some new snow, but the river is still open. Unusual for this late in the season.


Thursday evening the community gathered at the school for the annual Fall Festival…

20151029_164220Youth Leaders helped decorate and set up the gym.

20151029_150927A new game this year was “Moose Rack Ring Toss”. It was a big hit with long lines waiting to play.

IMG_2023Set up right next to the moose rack was the “Blast Zone Bouncy House”. Hans dressed up as a cyclist — kids were intrigued with the helmet mirror. Bonnie went as the Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Tree (only her class understood it because they’d heard the story book).

IMG_2017The cake walk took more than half an hour….  Hans was a lucky winner and chose an apple pie! Three hours later, most of the prizes were won and the clean up was done. The staff met in the project room and finished up the evening with pie and ice cream.

20151031_140814On Halloween, before the onslaught of trick-or-treaters, Hans went for a bike ride. (No Bonnie on this ride–home with a sore throat and cough.)

20151031_140641Hans likes this photo because it’s just the bike track and the fox track.

20151031_142713The temperature was about five degrees with a brisk breeze. The hard-packed trail made for smooth riding and it would have been a good day to ride to Shungnak if there had been more time. The predicted storm for the evening held off until after Halloween making it much nicer for little ghosts and goblins. The new snow accumulation of 3-6 inches will make the trail much softer for the next few days.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.15.45 PMOn October 19 Hans’ mom passed away peacefully in Dyersville, Iowa. We feel fortunate that she was able to make many trips to Alaska and experienced life in each of the villages we lived in, including: our wedding in Shungnak, being right here in Kobuk thirty years ago when Hans C was born, watching the Iditarod go through McGrath, boating, cutting up caribou and riding on dog sleds and snowmachines. Hans was gone a week while Bonnie stayed behind with the remaining staff to keep the school running. The staff really stepped up during his absence and he is appreciative.

20151024_053814Ann Boenish celebrated her 99th birthday in August. Her family was her greatest joy and will be her greatest legacy.



  1. Thanks for the photos. It looks like you helped everyone have a good time with the Halloween festivities, but I would have liked to see the Chicka Chicka tree. 🙂 Ann was a good friend and I treasure my memories of the time we were able to spend with her.

  2. We are sad to hear of the passing of Hans’ Mom. The photo that you shared is lovely. She looks a lot like my Grandma in it 🙂 How nice that you are in a place that brought such joy when she visited.


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  3. PS: It looks to me as that fox was tracking you.


  4. Thanks for keeping us posted. We enjoy reading about life in Alaska. The picture of your mother was lovely. Glad she got to see you in Alaska. The family picture was also wonderful and quite a tribute to her. Happy thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful for.. Pat and ellen

  5. A lovely narrative and images. I know why you needed those bikes!

  6. What is your address?

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