Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 6, 2015

Snow: getting around on it

We’ve had some cold weather and some snow.


Noon on -40 day.


These days most people are getting around on snowmachines. We purchased one from a former teacher, and compared to the little Bravo we had last time, this is a big machine. It’s got a nice, smooth ride with plenty of room for both of us, but you don’t want to get it stuck…  We haven’t used it much yet. You go fast, but you get cold and the smell of exhaust isn’t our favorite thing.



Pull one of these basket sleds behind your snow-go and you can take the whole family along.

On a nice day, it’s hard to decide how to spend time outside….  There are a few working dog teams here and we often see kids going out for a run after school or on the weekends.


During Thanksgiving weekend, we got out for some snowshoeing…


And some skiing.




Today, after we were sure the Seahawks were doing okay, we went out on the fat bikes. It was about 8 degrees below zero, but not much wind. It’s still a challenge for me (Bonnie) to dress with the right kind of clothing: you warm right up while biking, but cool off quickly when you stop. Hans ordered us some bar mitts to go over the handle bars and they are great for keeping our hands warm!




Like our friend, Robert, said, “Snowmachine trails are a fat biker’s best friend.” We pedal along at 5-6 mph, sticking to snowmachine trails that go through the trees, across lakes (a few places with frozen overflow), and over the tundra. Trails with the most traffic are hard-packed and the easiest going, other places where the snow is deeper or punchy is more challenging, but definitely rideable. (We did not attempt to go off trail–that would not be a fat biker’s best friend.)


Riding into the sunset… (sunrise today was at 11:49 am, and sunset was at 2:45 pm for a total of 2 hours and 56 minutes of daylight).




  1. You got a lot done in the little bit of daylight you had! Miss you at our book discussions, Bonnie. Stay warm.

    • Didn’t do more than one of those things on a day–that’s a couple week’s worth!! Glad I have the book-group reading list, but sure do miss everybody’s thoughts on what was read (and all the great food, too).

  2. Merry Christmas, enjoy your friends and some time off from teaching. Looks like you have having another wonderful adventure. We tried fat tire bikes, but really don’t need them here in MN. Our mountain bikes are just fine. Take care and give each other a hug from us. John and Helen

  3. Thanks for continuing to share the great photos and stories. I live in a beautiful place now (Cape Cod), but I always think fondly of trips to Alaska and seeing you both.

  4. Hey—-Sounds like you are managing to keep in shape ! !
    Was nice to see you this fall. We are having Christmas Dinner
    Today Merry Christmas and Stay Well

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