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  1. Andy thinks that’s the greatest place! I was delighted to see it’s much greener and less barren than I expected! Is that the river in the foreground?

  2. well looks like we’re sharing some of our smoke with you Yukon River folks..really bad here today-trying to keep Cora inside..air conditioner going and air cleaners as well..just gonna have to wait this out I reckon..new fire on the Chatanika River about 15-20 miles downriver from “my shack”-water’s too low to go down to protect it anyway, so will hope for the best and depend on AFS i reckon..Wolfman Wally has returned from new York, so was catching up on gossip w/him today..Lynn got an elem. principal job (Weller Elem on Chean Hot Springs Rd.)-they’re also selling their McGrath house, so will be down to 2 (New York & Fairbanks)..Cora’s getting ready to swing back into action with AINE this week-I’m planning for a caribou trip up on North Slope with some younger folks-drag canoes up some little river off the Sagivonirutok River-should be interesting to say the least. I showed jeremy the b-day photo for Hans C.-poor kid-probably wondering what kind of parents he has. Guess that’s about all the news from here..besdie smokey skies, smokey air, smokey forecast..hope for rain and favorable winds at some point.

  3. Good Morning Hans and Bonnie,
    We enjoy keeping up with your “adventure,” but still miss you, and the bike ride isn’t the same without you.

    Some Sequim news if you haven’t heard it already.
    *23 riders last Sunday. Marla made sure Dick rode slow

    *Initiative 1033 went down big! (Tim Eyman)

    *Proposition 71 passed (domestic partners rights)

    *we’re still gleaning at Nash’s and have taken thousands of pounds of veggies and fruit to food banks.

    *we took a hiking/mountain bike trip to eastern Utah in Sept. visiting 3 new National Parks. Slick rock biking is a real challenge

  4. Hey you two, looks as if you are still enjoying your adventure. Cleaning the chimney is a long forgotten chore. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about that any more. We heated with wood for many years.

    Heard from Brian Hill today. He is thankfully just fine, he was hit by a Lexus. His bike is fine, only a broken pedal. We know that is what is important anyway. Brian is in AZ for the winter.

  5. Hey, glad you are up here enjoying your adventure. Shungnak is lucky to have you both back. Enjoy the rest of your adventure. Keep the pictures coming.

  6. So sorry to have been so out of touch. I was so surprised by your return to Alaska last year and of course kept MEANING to write… Love being able to follow along though, and love getting your letters at Christmas. Anyway, I now have a card ready for you and would like to send it, so please send me an e-dress and mailing address, too. I tried to e you a New Year’s greeting but it bounced back.

    All the very best!

  7. Hi Guys,
    Hope all is well up in Alaska. These pics are amazing, I knew it was a tough life, but holy cow! I get whole appreciation for your big adventure.

    Take care,
    Vinny and Dena

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