Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 1, 2011

The Snow, the Dirt, the Melting

The last few days felt like and looked like spring. Real days of spring in the Arctic. Not the fake spring of March’s calendar. Depending on where you look or walk, it’s spring or not…

4-wheeler = spring

Spring snowmachine and sled still in use

Water on the river = spring

Hard to believe this is spring...

Mud and water = spring

Spring and winter all in one photo

Definite signs of spring

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”  ~Proverb



  1. Spring can be messy and this year it is. We are having rain and more rain. Wet as it is I am still having to carry water to my garden. This year it is particulary beautiful. Have had daffodils for two months and they keep coming. Do you get any tame flowers or do you rely upon the wild? Happy spring to your. Elsie

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